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TellCulvers Survey | Give Feedback & Get Free Cake Cone

Culver’s restaurant is well known to the residents of the Midwest parts of the United States. The Culver’s is a private restraint that is best known for its Cheese Curd, Butter Burgers, and Frozen Custard. The Cake Cone sold by the Culver’s is a must-try for everyone. Now you can be glad as you can get this famous cake cone from Culver’s restaurant at no cost. You can get this cake cone absolutely free at the Culvers restaurant by participating in the Tellculvers Survey. This survey will not only get you a free cake cone but it would also allow you to give feedback about your experience at Culver’s restaurant.

The Culver’s offers free Cake Cone or a scoop of Frozen Custard to the customers. Customers can easily participate in the survey after their visit to Culver’s restaurant. They need the receipt from Culver’s to start the survey as the detail on the receipt is required for participating in the survey. Customers need to answer questions about their visit to the restaurant in the survey. After completing the survey, they would be provided with a validation code that they can take to the Culvers on their next visit. This code can be redeemed for free Cake Cone.

If you are taking this survey for the first time then starting the survey can be a little confusing for you. But you do not need to worry as we will explain everything you need to know about the Culvers survey. We would inform you about the requirements, eligibility, and everything else you need to know in order to participate in the survey.

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Brief Information About TellCulvers Survey:

TellCulvers is a survey that is designed by  Culver’s restaurant. This survey allows the to get feedback from their customers so that they can make improvements in their restraint according to the customers. This allows them to know about what the customers want, they can change their menu and decor according to the customers if they do not like the present ones. They can also review their own services by looking at the survey results and make the necessary changes if it is required. This allows them to improve the quality of the restaurant and results in attracting more and more customers.

The restaurant’s receipt contains an invite to the survey. The website address for the survey is mentioned at the bottom section of the receipt. The receipt also mentions the reward so that more people participate in the survey. The survey is completed online by visiting the website mentioned on the receipt from the restaurant.

TellCulver’s Survey Requirements:

There are some facts that you need to know that would help you in participating in TellCulver’s survey.

  • Survey Website

The website for the survey is mentioned on the receipt that you get at the restaurant. You can visit the website where you will have to provide the survey code and TRN number. This website is managed by the Service Management Group. If you have trouble finding the code and TRN number then you do not need to worry as this website has a sample of Culver’s restaurant receipt available that would help you in finding the code and TRN number.

  • Requirements For Survey

This survey is not a paper-based survey and can only be done online. Therefore, you need a PC or a mobile phone in order to complete this survey. You also require an internet connection in order to visit the website. You also require the receipt from the restraint that has the invite code and TRN number.

  • Receipt

This receipt is the most important thing for participating in the survey. You can only participate in the survey if you have an invite code and TRN number that are mentioned on the receipt.

  • Rewards

After completing the survey you would be eligible for getting a reward from the restaurant. You can get a Cake Cone or a scoop of Frozen Custard based on the offers provided by the Curver’s restaurant.

Steps To Fill The TellCulvers Customer Survey:

Here is a step by step guide for filling the Culver’s Feedback Experience Survey. It is a very easy process if you follow the instructions carefully.

  • Step 1: Open Culver’s website. Type the address mentioned on the receipt carefully on your search engine and you will find the website easily.
  • Step 2: Once you have reached the survey website, enter the survey code mentioned on the receipt. If you cannot find the code then there is a sample receipt available on the website that would help you in finding the code. The survey code is usually 18 digits long.
  • Step 3: After entering the invite code, you will have to enter the TRN number. The 6 digit transaction number can be found on the top of the receipt.
  • Step 4: After you have successfully entered the invite code and TRN number you can tap the start button and begin the survey. All you have to do is answer questions that appear on your screen.
  • Step 5: After you have answered all the questions of the survey, you would get a coupon code. You should note down this code and redeem it at the time of your next visit to Culver’s restaurant for a Cake Cone.

Culver’s Sweepstakes:

Sweepstakes is another survey provided by Culver’s restaurant. This survey allows survey-takers to win gift cards up to $500.


This survey is only open to legal residents of the US. Culver’s workers are ineligible for this.


There are 96 prizes that are given out everyday. 5 winners get Culver’s coupons everyday taht can be redeemed at Culver’s.

Entry Method For Sweepstakes:

  • Visit the website of Culver’s restaurant.
  • Enter your email and confirm it.
  • You need to sign in to the MyCulvers account.
  • Complete the entry form.
  • You must check the rules carefully.
  • You have to answer the quiz.
  • After completing the quiz you need to wait for the notification of the winner.

You can easily get free Cake Cone by following the steps for TellCulver’s survey. You can even win coupons worth $500 from the Sweepstakes survey.

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