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If you are a shopaholic and always look for great and comfortable places to shop for, then you have come to the right place. Food Lion is one of the best supermarkets available in the states which make sure to satisfy their customers at any cost. They understand how important it is for the customers to be able to shop happily without much struggle. The people coming to the store should be satisfied with the customer service that they receive.

The staff of the place leaves no stone unturned in providing utmost comfort and happy shopping experience to their customers. They make sure that all their employees are at their best behavior and are active enough to assist customers in anything that they need. They also find out ways in which they can get honest opinions and thoughts of their customers on how their store is working and is there a scope of improvement. To make this happen, Food Lion came up with a website that would help them get their customers to voice their opinions on the store and their services.

Talk To Food Lion Survey | Introduction

The page is called Talk to Food Lion. The page has a set of questions that you as customers would have to answer. The page is more of a survey collecting people’s opinions on their on how the store should be working and what are the aspects that they should reach in order to make their customers fully satisfied. The survey has become very popular in the States as the shopping store itself is well known all around the world.

Features of the Talk To Food Lion Survey:

The survey is open to everybody and can be taken whenever and wherever it is comfortable. However, to start with the survey there are certain requirements such as the receipt that you get from the store is important. The receipt would contain a code that will help you get to the survey and begin with the answers.

The survey contains questions that are easy to answer and let the customers speak their heart out upon things that they had experienced while they were inside the store. The survey grants you the freedom to be as vocal and honest as possible about the store and the serviced. They are open to comments and criticism as this would help them improve and thus attract more customers. The best thing about Food Lion is that they carefully read the suggestions and comments that the customers make in order to work their store.

The questions you answer on the survey form are mostly related to what you think of each department inside the store, their behavior, prices, and what else can be done to improve an ongoing issue.

What are the things to remember while participating in the survey?

Talk to Food Lion does seem like a simple and easy survey but there are some prerequisites that should be taken care of before you go about participating in it, some of which are mentioned below:

  • As has been already mentioned, the receipt that you receive from the store is of the utmost importance as it contains the code that will help you sign in for the survey. One should remember that the code stays valid only for a limited amount of time, which is around five days. This means that if you take up the survey using a code which is more than five days old, you won’t be allowed to take up the survey.
  • The eligibility for the discount coupons sweepstakes is decided by the company. According to them, the survey can be taken up by anyone but to enjoy the gift coupons worth $500, you need to be a legal citizen of the United States. Also, the only 12 states of the country have the Food Lion stores which make the people living in the rest of the states not eligible for sweepstakes.

Tips to take the TalktoFoodlion survey:

  • Directly enter the survey URL for your search bar and then take the survey. If you are doing it for the very first time, then it can be a bit difficult for you to understand and how to take care of the same. So you must take care of the entire URL all at once.
  • Always check the validity of your Food lion receipt and then undertake your survey. The routine is simple. If you have your arrival, you need to check out for the date. If the time lies in the term of you taking the survey, use the pin, and conduct it.
  • If you have any problem, then you call for the customer help of Food Lion. They are always present for you and takes care of your matter. They will make sure that you get your survey done on time and in the right way so that there are no inconveniences for the same.

How much time do you have to spend on the survey?

Being a quick and a simple survey, the questions take hardly five minutes of your time after which you can get back to your daily schedule. The survey asks you no personal questions and the answers to all the questions are pretty much straight forward. You won’t have to type long answers to explain your views. Instead, putting up straight forward statements would just be perfect.

In order to appreciate the gesture of its customers filling up the survey form, the company provides discount coupons and the gift cards that are worth more than $500. You can redeem these gift cards and the coupons when you next visit the store. But you are eligible for these gifts and discounts only when you take the survey and successfully complete it.

Through this survey, you can express your likes and dislikes about things like the price, the hygiene they maintain the way they behave, etc. and receive gift cards and discounts as an appreciation. Provide thoughtful and honest suggestions to the company and improve your experience as a customer at Food Lion.


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