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Just love the taste of mouth-watering sausage? Wondering if you could taste it for free? Go and join Bojangles Listens. It allows you to get a sausage for free. A survey is conducted by Bojangles for customer contentment. Bojangles, the one word is enough to describe a series of restaurants’ with its classic southwestern cuisines.

Brief Information About Bojangles:

Richard Thomas and Jack Fulk established this business. With much experience in their own field as restaurant operators, they were anxious to start a business with their own creations and tastes. They served the best quality food with a variety of tastes. Finally, it was a moment of living the dream as they opened Bojangles for the first time in 1977 at Charlotte, North Carolina. With the growing popularity of the first restaurant, within a very short time, they opened another branch of Bojangles.

Speciality of Bojangles:

The famous recopies of Bhojngle includes Cajun recopies, fried chicken, buttermilk biscuits and many more. Speedy delivery of food and affectionate services helped it to gain more popularity. Now when you think of having breakfast, what comes in your mind first? Biscuits, right? And the crux of the biscuit is its ambiance which is calm and cozy as well. Bojangles chicken is another flavorsome option of breakfast.

For the regular Bojangles customers, the Bojangles community is the best place to discuss all your favorite cuisine, which is named as E-club. So are you prepared to get attractive offers from the Bojangles community? What are you waiting for? Go and join it now.

Through the customer survey of Bojangles, you can share your experience with food and ambiance. It is always not necessary to share good experiences in the survey. You can share any bad experience during your visit. Through your feedback, it will be helpful to fix the problems as early as possible. Moreover, the lucky one gets a chance to win a Bojangles biscuit for free by winning the Bojangles customer survey.

Rules & Regulations About The Bojangles Survey:

Make sure you read the rules and regulations of the survey before starting the process. Though the rules do not differ much from others, still paying attention to the rules takes you one step closer towards winning a free biscuit from Bojangles.

  • Eligibility: The first rule you must follow is that you are eligible for the survey or not. The eligibility is based on certain matters like age, citizenship, and relations.
  • Firstly, the assenters of Bojangles customer’s survey must be above 13 years of age. Most importantly, you cannot even access the website of Bojangles if your age is below 13 years. The reason is that the people above  13 who are a part of the survey must be well reasoned to satisfy the statements made by them during the survey
  • Secondly, it is very important to have government citizenship card with you. Because, no matter you are from which end of the United States, you can join the survey anytime.
  • Thirdly, when you are sure about the previous two conditions, the third condition comes in play. If you are an employee of the Bojangles Company, you cannot take part in the survey. Even any of your family members are also not allowed to participate in the survey. The reason behind this is you may get indulged in any unnecessary misunderstanding which may affect the reputation of the company.
  • Fourthly, The Bojangles survey number is essential. It is printed on the receipt of Bojangles. The six-digit code is the compulsory part in the survey if you want to take part.

Bojangles gives you 48 hours to participate in the survey after you visit any of the branches and receive the receipt. Remember the receipt code for survey participation is only valid for some time. So hurry!

  • Language: The participants of the Bojangles Listens survey must be easy to go with the English language and Spanish. Bojangles survey questions are available only in these two languages.

Bojangles Survey Guidelines:

If you are ready to start the survey, the essentials are listed below.

  • A device with an internet connection: It is essential to have your device and a good internet connection if you want to visit the Bojangles website. Personal computers are suggested for better display. Thus you will not face any sort of problems regarding accessing the website while answering your questions.
  • Receipt: Already mentioned before, you need to know the six-digit code on your Bojangles receipt for participation in the survey. Though the code is only valid for 48 hours from the visit to any of the Bhojengles stores.

Steps to take Bojangles Survey:

When you are finally prepared to start the survey with all required items, let’s start surveying.

  • Visit the site or This is the official site of the Bojangles. You can use your six-digit code in here. The language selection is necessary as you will get an option between English and Spanish. You can switch to Spanish option anytime by just clicking the option Espanol on the page.
  • Fill the blank space on the top of the page by entering the number of the store from where you received the receipt
  • Enter the date. The second box on the page is for entering the date. The arrangement of the date is in the following manner, DD/MM/YYYY. So be a little cautious while you enter the dates following the particular pattern.
  • Enter the time. The topmost position box is for entering the time records of your payment for purchasing items from the particular store.
  • Enter the survey code, which is placed just below the date portion. And click start.
  • Start filling up the answers to the questions. You are advised to answer all your questions with full honesty. But if you skip one question, you cannot answer the next one.
  • After filling all the answers, a 12 digit validation code will appear. Keep it with you to get exciting prizes from your nearest Bojangles stores.


Bojangles gives you 48 hours to participate in the survey after you visit any of the branches and receive the receipt. Remember the receipt code for survey participation is only valid for some time. So hurry!

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