Our Peanuts

The peanuts that The Vermont Peanut Butter Company uses are from the southeastern United States. Every order of peanuts we receive for processing comes with its very own Certificate of Analysis to ensure safety from bacteria and mold. Yet another way our customers come first! We ONLY source USA grown peanuts and almonds and have them delivered in small 30-40lb sealed containers. It takes a little more work to open hundreds of boxes daily, but the quality control is second to none. We are a stand-alone facility, and do all of our grinding, mixing, filling, capping, sealing, labeling and shipping from our facility. We control it all.

Below is from: Men’s Health Magazine


Did you know that from 2003 to 2006 reported salmonella outbreaks from fruits and vegetables** were almost triple that of peanut butter? (tomatoes,melons,carrots,strawberries and salsa)**

Don’t let a few bad businesses ruin your ideas about nut butters. They are excellent for you and like everything else, are perfectly safe, if stringent safety practices are used.

The Glycemic Index

The Glycemic Index measures the types of foods we eat that do not increase our glucose and insulin levels… a key to longer healthier lives. Even though they are great for you, lentils and black beans have an index level of 35-50, where peanuts are 15….the same as broccoli, low fat yogurt, spinach, etc.