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Myzaxbysvisit Survey – Take Official Survey and Earn $1000

Ever felt hungry and go to check refrigerator but found nothing? Well, happens a lot of time. So, the last resort which remains in such situations is to rely on restaurants. Well, there is a lot of variety in dishes as well as the restaurants. Now, the main problem which arrives is money, nowadays, the food items are much more expensive.

But still, we can’t resist the desire to eat food. So, what if I tell you that there is a restaurant in which you can win money by eating food! Yes, Zaxbys restaurants give its customer, the opportunity to win a lottery worth $1000 and I think that would be more than enough for my food expenses.

What is Zaxbys?

Zaxbys is a chain of food restaurants, they have got about 800 food restaurants under their command. This restaurant was found in 1991 by Zack McLeroy and Tony Townley. They are famous for their chicken wings menu with other dishes such as drinks, soups, snacks, etc. The full menu is accessible through the official website.

In addition to the awesome taste of chicken wings, they introduce many programs that benefit their customers and make them come over and over again. Now, coming to the main point, the restaurant, in addition to good food, provides a chance to win a huge amount of money. The prize includes a $1000 for daily sweepstakes and about $1500 for weekly sweepstakes. Amazing, isn’t it.

Requirements to take Myzaxbysvisit Survey:

The rules are pretty simple, all you have to do is make your stomach crave for chicken wings by Zaxbys. After the full satisfaction and approval of your stomach, you will find a survey entry code on your restaurant bill.

It is compulsory for everyone to take part in the survey to get a chance to win the prize money. Once, you are done, you are eligible to get a prize with you to your home. Apart from the survey, there are some rules, the rules are below:

  • If you are a resident of England, Ireland, Germany, Denmark, your age much be 18 years or above.
  • If you are a resident of the Republic of Korea, your age must be 20 years or above.
  • The next rule is about citizenship, even though the restaurant has a very large chain, the survey is not entitled to every region, the full citizenship-related rule list is on the website.
  • The last rule is that you must be a consumer of Zaxby’s and thus should not be a worker in the firm.


Well, as we have already discussed, the reward constitutes of a prize of $1000 for daily sweepstakes and for daily weekly sweepstakes, the reward prize if $1500.

Here are some points for reward distribution:

  • The reward will be given in the form of a cheque.
  • In no case, the gift should be exchanged.
  • If you win, the firm will contact you within 10 days, the duration of contact can increase too.
  • Then finally, you can take your reward home.
  • In case if they are unable to contact you, another winner will be selected.
  • In either case, the winner should fill the winning form very correctly, then only, he or she will able to take the prize with him.

Steps to Take part in the Myzaxbysvisit Survey:

The participation in the survey is an easy process, there are following steps included:

  • The most important thing to keep in mind is not to throw your bill or give it to anyone else, you may lose your chance.
  • Now, go to their survey website in your browser, you can either use a phone or a personal computer.
  • There, you will see some information that needs to be filled, the information includes your time of visit, the amount spent by you and your Survey Entry Code (The code written at the bottom of your bill).
  • After filling the details and clicking enter, you will find yourself on the survey page.
  • Here, you are required to answer some general questions about your satisfaction level with the restaurant.
  • The question will be very easy and will include queries such as your satisfaction level with the restaurant environment, our services, hygiene in the restaurant, etc.
  • After answering all the questions, make sure once more that you have answered all questions by having a quick check.
  • Now, to finally enter the sweepstakes, you have to enter your personal details such as your full name, your contact information, etc.
  • Now, finally, just wait and hope for the best.

Zaxby’s Contact Information:

After entering the contest, you must be having the anxiety and after some days, you might be feeling more anxious since, by this time they would have called you if you are the winner and if they are unable to contact you, they will declare a new winner. So, meanwhile, you can contact them if you want. They are available through social media and other ways. You can also contact them to check about the recent programs or some other offers too.

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