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Weekends are the perfect time for spending leisure time with your family and friends. Have you been looking for a great place where you can have great food as well as have fun at the same time? Then the Main Event Bowling center is the right place for you.

Based in the United States, Main Event Entertainment is a firm that is working in the entertainment field for hosting parties, company events, and so on. Their main office is located in Australia, and their mother company is Ardent Leisure.

A Brief Information About Main Event Restaurant:

No matter what type of business you have, big or small, the Main Event offers great affordable packages and excellent service and customer support. All you have to do is contact them, tell them about the package you are interested in and provide them and remember the information given below:

  • Provide them with the details of your preferred food menu for them to provide at your event.
  • The number of guests that will be arriving for the event so that Main Event can prepare accordingly such as providing enough staff members, tables, chairs and so on.
  • You can use their party planner services to make it easier to plan out the whole event.
  • No need to worry about the cleaning services as they are included in the package without any extra cost.

The most frequently played game is bowling at Main Event Entertainment. People really enjoy this game as it is loads of fun teaming up and going against their opponents. Other exciting games are Billiards, Arcade Games, Mini Golf and so on. They also have Karaoke center to bring out singer in you. Head over there and have a great time with your friends and family.

Main Event Survey & Sweepstakes: Requirements

At Main Event Entertainment, you can have loads of fun, but what’s more exciting is to avail offers while you are there. To do so, you will have to complete the Main Event Survey and then take part in the Main Event Sweepstakes.

To complete the survey, you need to acquire an invitation code that can only be available once you make a transaction at the Main Event Bowling Centre. This can be found in the receipt. The instructions can be found in the survey portal, which is simple and straightforward. Once you have completed the survey, you can avail coupons that can be used at Main Event Entertainment.

Preparing for the Main Event Survey:

There are a few things you need to know before you start with their survey. If you are a frequent tech user, this will be a breeze for you. It won’t take much of your time, but even then you can make mistakes. So here are a few things that will be good to know before you start a survey.

  • Compatibility for Online Survey

Any device can be used to access the online survey portal. Let it be a smartphone, tablet, desktop or a laptop. Make sure its browser supports surveys as some tend to have a few hiccups here and there. So it is best to use a reliable and trusted web browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

  • Internet access on your device

Make sure you have a stable internet connection. On smartphones and tablets, internet access is easy as either mobile data or wifi can be used, but for desktops and laptops, make sure you have a stable wired or wireless internet connection because if it isn’t stable, there can be buffering and connectivity issues in the survey portal.

  • Keep the transaction receipt

Without a transaction receipt, it is impossible to enter this survey. Make a transaction and do not lose the transaction receipt as without the code the survey cant be completed. When you enter the survey, the first page is to enter the code. You don’t have to share any personal information as it is fully anonymous.

Guide to Completing the MainEvents Survey:

  • Access the portal and type in the Main Event Store Number, which is a 16 digit code. After you click next, the survey will start. Give a rating on your overall satisfaction, your experience in their bar, dining and snack events. Rate them on their cleanliness, service quality, provided facilities, and their employee friendliness.
  • After that you may enter comments on whether you like it there or not, you can write about what they are lacking and how they can improve.
  • In the last section, a validation code will be displayed, so make to note it down on the receipt. This can now be redeemed on your next visit to receive awards and discounts.

Everything about Main Event Sweepstakes

If you enjoy the services of Main Event, then you need to know about the profit program. There are several ways that you can benefit from Main Event. You will be able to access their promo information through their website. The steps to access promo information are as follows:

  • Visit the Main Event Survey portal,
  • Click on the specials menu to find out more about their promo program.
  • Then choose one of the listed promo programs shown as sub-menus.
  • Click on to learn more, follow and complete the promo program rules.

Here are a few of the benefit programs that you can follow:

Food and Fun Combo Program. Enjoy more economical food to get a FUN card. Choose one appetizer to have when you are at the games to buy a FUN 10 dollar card at lower prices.

Follow the Sweepstakes Main Event. If you meet the requirements, then you are eligible to take part in their lottery events. Monday Night Madness is another program like the name suggests it is held only on Mondays from 4 pm onwards, where all games can be played for only just 10.95 dollars. For 19.95 dollars, you can avail of the Unlimited Games All Day program where you can play 100 arcade games all day long.


Go to the Main Event Survey portal and enter the location Menu. Enter your ZIP code, State and city, and then click on find stores. With the filter menu, you can filter by distance. You can also provide feedback through their website using the Contact Us link provided there. Fill in your details and enter what you have to say.

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