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Steak and Longhorn Steakhouse has deep relations with each other. The Longhorn Steakhouse serves the best steaks in the world and if you are the person who loves steak then definitely you will know about it. The Longhorn Steakhouse has a huge fanbase all over the world because of the quality and tasty steaks they serve to their customers. When you visit the Longhorn Steakhouse restaurant then you will enjoy the smell of the cooking steaks and that will definitely fill your mouth with water. The main reason for the success of the Longhorn Steakhouse because they serve the fresh chicken and meat always. That is why they are superior to their other competitors in the market.


A Brief Information About Longhorn Steakhouse:


The restaurant was founded in 1981, Georgia and they are serving the best steaks since then. The business has definitely developed from the time and it is still developing as they love to take the customers feedback always. The headquarter of Longhorn Steakhouse is in Orlando, Florida, US. It is a chain based restaurant and because of the world-wide popularity, they have to expand their business.

Today you can find a Longhorn Steakhouse restaurant outside of the US too. There are more than 340 Longhorn Steakhouse restaurants available in 33 states. The restaurant prohibits using frozen meats to make the steaks. They always maintain the quality of the restaurants as well as the food items. Customer satisfaction is a priority to them and you can take part in the customer feedback survey by visiting the LonghornSurvey portal. Apart from serving the best steaks in the world, they always accept the customer’s feedback and do some positive changes always.

The Longhorn Steakhouse knows that it is because of the customers they are popular today. So they will love to hear from you about your last experience on the feedback portal. You can share your experience, rate the experience and many more. There will be questions asked related to the dining experience, food quality, service quality, speed of service, and others. This is the only way if you think you can raise your voice to make the restaurant a better one.

The feedback given by you will be helpful to the restaurants as well as the other customers too. Besides, the Longhorn Steakhouse offers great rewards for the lucky customers who take part in the feedback surveys. They have been taking feedback and improving the customer service of the restaurant for a long time. If you become a lucky member and win the survey reward then you will win 50$ prize or a mega 1000$ prize. So always make sure to take part in the feedback survey after you visit the Longhorn Steakhouse restaurants.

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The rules of the Longhorn Steakhouse Survey:

Every customer satisfaction services in the world have some rules and the Longhorn Steakhouse survey has it too. All of the rules are mentioned below.

  • At first, you need to have the receipt of the last visit to the restaurant. Make sure to have it otherwise you will not be able to take part in the survey.
  • The sweepstakes program is available for all the people of the US, Columbia, Puerto Rico, Canada. All of the employees and the family members can not take part in the survey as they are not eligible.
  • You can take part in Longhorn sweepstakes by mail or by contacting the customer service.

The Longhorn Steakhouse provides prizes of 50$ to the 100 entries and there is a grand prize of 1000$ available for one winner.

How to take part in the Longhorn Steakhouse Survey:

Taking part in the Longhorn Steakhouse survey is not difficult at all and you can take part in the survey easily by following some steps.

  • Visit the portal

At first, you need to visit the official website of the restaurant. Then you will be redirected to the feedback portal where you can take part in the survey.

  • Check the rules

Then you need to review the rules of the feedback survey as well as the sweepstakes. It will be displayed on the home page and you can check entry methods, and rewards.

  • Enter the ID number

Then you have to enter the ID number of the restaurant that is printed on the middle part of the receipt. Make sure to put the 13 digit code accurately otherwise you will not be able to take part in the survey.

  • Give your honest opinion

After entering the ID number, you can start taking the survey. There will be some questions asked. Make sure to answer with honesty and truth as your answers will make the customer experience of the Longhorn Steakhouse better. There will be questions related to your dining experience. After then there will be questions asked where you have to rate the service of them. Feel free to rate according to your last visit. In the final phase, there will be a space where you can give your feedback and share your experience. If you have faced any problem in your last visit then don’t forget to state the problem too.

  • Calling customer care

You can also share your experience and give your feedback by calling the customer service of Longhorn Steakhouse. They will be happy to hear your experience, take your feedback and work accordingly to change the situation so that they can serve you and other customers better the next time.

  • Give your personal info

After completing the survey and sharing your feedback, don’t forget to give your personal contact number and email address so that they can contact you if you become the lucky winner.

All of the survey process and feedback take around 30 to 40 minutes to complete. It is important for you to take part in the survey because it will make the restaurant a better place for other customers too. So next time you visit Longhorn Steakhouse restaurant, don’t forget to give your feedback as well.

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