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LiteBlue USPS Official – A Complete Guide

LiteBlue USPS Official portal is for the Postal service’s employees across the US. The employees of the United States associated with the Postal Services should have an Employee ID and SSP password to get access to the official website. LiteBlue connects the news, services and also acts as a mediator between the different teams of the same service throughout the nation. To know more about LiteBlue, go ahead and read this article.

About LiteBlue USPS:

Managing the postal records, resources, funding, and many other vital matters were not easy to manage manually and thus created chaos. With the advancement in technology, the portal can easily manage almost all the operations.

The employees under USPS can access the website to check the details related to their employment. This service has a wide range of categorization with which the information flow takes place. LiteBlue handles much vital information such as work assignments, salary details along with management tools. Managing the largest postal network of the world is not at all easy but LiteBlue Services and PostalEASE make it much easier to operate. They provide us with a flawless data flow, quicker connection, and communication between the networks.

Facts of LiteBlue USPS:

The LiteBlue USPS covers a wide range of geographical areas in delivering mails. Everybody including citizens, migrants can equally access these USPS services. There is an ample number of facts related to the USPS leading to the LiteBlue Services’ growth. Here are some facts:

  • As of 2019, the total revenue of the USPS service is $1.4 trillion.
  • Many mailing standards are available in these systems such as First Class Mail ($27.3 million) and the Standard Mail ($18.0 million).
  • In the whole network, there are about 7.5 million employees in these US Postal Services among which 500,000 are career employees and 150,000 are non-career employees.
  • There are some special services for the disabled as well as the elderly members of the society. No matter, whether the mail is of First class or is Standard mail, if the people of post-service notice an emergency mail or mail related to an accident, then they make it sure to deliver it as fast as possible.
  • This service operates multi-lingually. Besides, getting this service in English, people can get this service in Simple Chinese as well as in Spanish.
  • No matter where is the location of the countrymen, they can easily send their letters to another person across the US at only 49cents and the costs of the stamps.
  • Even the recyclable boxes are free of cost if the people order for Flate Rate Priority mail.

Features of LiteBlue USPS:

These LiteBlue Services are been in use from a quite few years. All the associated members, as well as employees, can access the official website of LiteBlue USPS. There are many vital features of this service. Here are the features:

  • Through Official LiteBlue Website, the United States Postal Services’ employees can directly manage their recognition, revenue, work, and products.
  • It manages the details as well as the services of the employees.
  • The employees share the details regarding every project in order to meet the needs of the customers on time.
  • The users can easily access information related to mail orders and job tracking as well.
  • This service also provides particular business functionality like PostalOne.
  • Automatic processing for mail drops and shipments are also available.
  • This service ensures secure login and the employees can manage their account securely through this portal.
  • Other portals like USPS Track, Business Customer Gateway, LiteBlue USPS ePayroll, PostalEase are all connected with the main portal of

Overall, this is all about LiteBlue. Being an employee of USPS, you will get access to these above-mentioned features of the USPS LiteBlue services.

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