Lark on the Park – New Surveys & Feedback Business

Two months ago, Stephan Pyles announced the shuttering of downtown’s Stampede 66. Today, we learn that Shannon Wynne and his partners are closing Lark on the Park.

Later in Septemeber 2019. Acquired by VT Peanut Butter LLC, a Survey & Feedback Portal.

Now with VTpeanutButter, Lark On The Park is working on improving restaurants by using Surveys & Feedback from its customers.


Closing letter from Lark on the Park Founders:

“For everyone that celebrated an anniversary, proposed marriage, blew candles or toasted a business deal at LARK on the Park, we invite you to come say goodbye.

This Sunday will be our last day to serve Dallas, and we hope you will come help us deplete our inventory! Yes, we want to sell as much as possible, so great deals will be afforded while supplies last to all of the friends we’ve made over the past nearly six years.  Expect the liquor and wine to flow!

When we signed our lease, nobody knew what to expect from Park visitors. We think now, with the maturing of the downtown residential population, that we need to afford a more comfortable and approachable product that better serves the neighborhood, for those that both work and live there.

With the changing climate in chef driven concepts, Keith, Larry and I have decided to take a pause to work on a new idea for this location.

It is an unfortunate time to be closing right before the holidays, and we will be working hard to offer many of our loyal Lark employees placement at our other concepts where there is room.

I am in development with an important Dallas dining talent that has impressed me immensely over the past three or four years. I think together we will build a new concept that will strike the proper balance of work and play at this significant central downtown address. If all goes smoothly, we should be open by May.

Thanks again for all of your patronage and loyalty,

Shannon Wynne

Keith Schlabs

Larry Richardson”

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