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Vermont Peanut Butter

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"The mojo is my go-to food after anything physical."
Mary W., Bolton Landing NY, Age 36

"This is super fantastic and blowing our minds. You really covered every spec here and we love the Karma, Mojo and Cinnamon Raisin. It is part of our monthly food shopping now. Yuuummmmmmeeee!."
Richard & Estelle, Manchester VT.

"Fantastc"..."Nectar of the gods...I highly recomment it as it is liberating to laugh in the face of the palm fruit oil, corn syrup, hydrogenated sugar czars out there"

"Now we have the perfect stocking stuffers for the family. We are all avid outdoor lovers and your products are the best"

"Thank you, thank you for making your products with such care and thought. I bought another brand for years, until I just realized they snuck palm oil into it. Disgusting! You guys rock."

"You are what Vermont is all about. Honest, wholesome goodness."

"You really are the Ben and Jerry's of PB! Can't wait to see just how big you all get. I think you have the very best products ever created."

"Vermont's new superstar."

"Funny how some companies now are switching to healthier formulas. You guys have been looking out for the consumers best interest from day one. Thank you Vermont Peanut Butter Company."

"So glad you all do everything yourselves in your own manufacturing facility. I laugh at people who actually think Trader Joes is an actual peanut butter. Um hello,,,Sunland Corporation."

"My family and I stopped by your factory store to check out VTPB. What a pleasant and intelligent owner, bright and energetic staff, and ABSOLUTELY ADDICTING GOOD NUT BUTTERS."

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