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You love food like everyone and If you are a resident of the UK then it is a great advantage for you because SSP restaurant serves the best purpose for this combination. The attraction to good food will always be a top priority for everyone. The SSP restaurants started in 1986 and since then they are serving quality food to their customers with high satisfaction. In the food and beverage sales, the SSP restaurants have unique customers and the number is high. This picture is enough to draw out why SSP restaurants have made a name.

Eatonthemove Survey: Introduction

It is always important to take customer feedback and SSP restaurants have their own portal – Eatonthemove. It is the web portal where you can share your experience with the pros and cons of your last visit. This feedback is everything about how the SSP restaurant business can increase the quality of food and service.

In this article, you will get to know how you can take part in Eatonthemove and give the management your honest impressions.

Steps For Involving the Eatonthemove Survey:

As you know taking part in the survey can reward you with many surprises and even a 500$ coupon. Not only that, it will help you to make the restaurant a better experience for you as well as other customers. The SSP restaurants will accept your feedback as it is and next time they will treat you more positively.

Here are the steps of how to take part in the SSP restaurants survey portal

Step1: Visit the website

The first and foremost work is to visit the official website of SSP restaurants. When you visit the website you will find many tabs on the website where food items and other details are given properly.

Step2: Make the receipt ready

Making the last visited SSP restaurant receipt ready, is one of the priorities as well. There will be information given on the receipt. Every number written on the cash memo will make sure your entry to the survey

Step3: Visit survey portal

Next, you need to visit the survey portal on the official website of SSP restaurants. It is the Eatonthemove section of the portal where you will find how to enter the survey and give your feedback.

Step4: Put the store number

After entering the survey portal, they will ask you to put the restaurant number. It will be written on the receipt and you have to insert the code on the survey portal. After then press enter.

Step5: Insert order number

Next, you need to insert the order number. SSP restaurants are famous for delivering foods to your doorstep also. If you visit the restaurant or order food in the home, make sure to insert the order number when it is asked. You will find it in the receipt also.

Step6: Answer the questions

After finishing all of the above formalities, you will be ready to take part in the survey. There will be questions asked where you have to choose the right options among the best option you feel. Then there will be questions related to ratings and you have to give the proper ratings as per your last visit.

Next and final, there will be questions and space where you can write your own feedback and tell the restaurant how they can improve the user experience on restaurant visits as well as giving home delivery. Make sure to provide your honest and genuine opinion.

Step7: Give your contact details

This is the step that people tend to ignore a lot. After finishing the survey don’t forget to give your contact details like phone number and email address. SSP restaurants select lucky winners every month and if you become lucky then you will get a free food coupon or even a 500$ coupon from them. You will be notified by email or phone number.

Now you know everything about why it is important to leave feedback after visiting the SSP restaurants or ordering food from them. It will be really beneficial if you spend some time on improvising the restaurant for customers like you. Plus you may get a good reward from them.

So, don’t forget to take part in SSP restaurant surveys to help the restaurant make the service better in the future. Visit the restaurant, have a great time and share your experience.

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