walmart gift card balance

How to Check Walmart Gift Card Balance?

Walmart gift card is one of the best assets that its customers enjoy. The card lets you buy a number of products at discounts and offers. If you are lucky enough, you can also enjoy a number of perks, provided you are a regular customer for a long time. When you carry the gift card along with you while shopping at the store, you don’t have to carry cash, you can easily use the card and make the payments. However, there might come a time when you have a low balance on the card. You might not even know about, to make things worse.

Therefore, keeping a check on your Walmart gift card balance can come as handy. There are a number of ways which can help you check the balance without much struggle, some of which are mentioned below:

walmart gift card balance

How to Check Walmart Gift Card Balance:

1. Check your balance using the website

Check Walmart Gift Card Balance using the Walmart website that is mentioned on the back of the card where the black and white stripe is present. Below the print is a patch of fine print at the end of which is the mentioned website. Enter the website on your browser and start with the procedure as per the directions on the home page. You might come across websites that are a scam and ask for your card details. To avoid this, only go for websites that are mentioned on the card.

Once you have entered the website, you need to proceed further by entering your card details on the space provided by the website. You will have to fill in your card number, and other information such as expiration date, etc. Once done, hit submit. If you don’t get any information or result, go back to the first page and re-enter your details after refreshing the page. Additionally, make sure that you have entered the correct details of your card. You might also not find any website on the card provided to you. This could mean the absence of online services from your card. In that case, you can always call and check with the store for any alternatives.

2. Call the card company

Any card that you get from the store should have a toll free number which is usually of the company that has made the card for you. The number is present on the back of the card, usually at the end of the print space. These numbers are present to check Walmart Gift Card Balance. You might also find a second number which is usually present for customer care services. In case you are not able to find the toll free balance inquiry number, call customer care, and get a solution instantly.

However, if you happen to find the right number on your card, call it and listen to the directions being provided to you. Your call might get forwarded to a live operator or even a computerized system that will ask you to enter the card details so that your card balance information can be generated. Enter the information from your dial pad and note the balance. Please note that phone operated services might also need different details for balance information generation. The kind of card information required would depend on the card being used.

3. Visit your nearest store

This method would require you to visit the store and get to know your card balance on the spot. Although this is the simplest and the easiest process, you might have to carry cash along with you just in case you happen to have a low balance on your card. Check Walmart Gift Card Balance at the store free of charge. This process can work in two ways. You can either go to the store and buy something for yourself and make the payment using your gift card. Once you hand your card over to the cashier, you will receive a receipt of the purchase, and in the end; the remaining balance would be present.

If you don’t wish to buy anything, just go to the billing counter and ask the employee to check the card balance for you. You will be given a receipt where your remaining balance would be mentioned.

Perks of using a Walmart gift card:

By using the gift card, you become applicable to the various discounts and offers from the store. The card requires you to pay no amount as a fee and you can store it anywhere you feel like.

  • You get a 5% discount if you make any payments using the card on the Walmart application. Purchases made online receive discounts on various products.
  • You also get discounts for using the card in restaurants and gas stations as well. You get a 2% discount on in-store purchases by using the card.
  • If you are Employee of Walmart, You can Login to Walmartone portal and claim 5% extra discount on selected products.
  • With every purchase from the card, you get points that get added to your Walmart account and can be redeemed whenever you want.
  • Additionally, you don’t have to pay any transaction fee and you even get a signup bonus if you have just become a part of Walmart’s family.

Final words:

Making Walmart payments was never this easy. All you have to do is carry this small gift card and you can make payments while getting heavy discounts on almost all products. Check Walmart Gift Card Balance with the various methods mentioned and make your shopping bummer free always.

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