The Vermont Peanut Butter Company was founded of three parts to create our ultimate mission. The first was to provide a quality, locally made and crafted product that is free of harmful preservatives, hydrogenated oils, GMO’s, palm fruit oils, excess sugar, and salt. A product that tastes great in the morning, for lunch or a snack any time of the day. The second part is that of social responsibility and community support. Our social responsibility exists by standing behind healthful and nutritious products, which can make for a healthier life and family well being.

We will never deviate from our wholesome 100% goodness. Our social responsibility also incurs a firm stand in the community through support of important local and national events, and continuous donations to charity. The third part was to create fun and deliciousness to a product that is in 9 out of 10 homes. VTPB is a premium nut butter brand with a good old fashioned, grass roots feel. We grind, mix, fill, cap, seal, label, and ship 100% of our products from Morrisville Vermont…home of success story #1…Ben and Jerry’s. We look forward to growing our Vermont company here, creating jobs and providing a fun look and feel to Vermont’s next famous food. Heck, I guess being the #2 success story won’t be so bad.

We are Nuts!… It was on a hike one day in the idyllic Mountains I adore…I was starving! I craved peanut butter but was thinking how great it would be to add some flavor and EXTRA PROTEIN. After eating a handful of nuts and raisins, my beloved pb&j for the one thousandth time, AND consuming yet another run of the mill nutrition bar high in sugar, high in price and low in satisfaction, my idea became reality.

Update: We Started reviewing all major Food Outlets like KrogerFeedback, McDVoice & its Survey Programs. Our Mission is to help people in submitting their genuine feedback & getting rewards. Do follow our Blog Section for More updates.

Our Story:

We use only the best USA GROWN flavorful nuts, and all natural ingredients, leaving out the sugar, trans fats, gluten, and preservatives. As a matter of fact, we use two different strands of peanuts and have them roasted to two different darknesses, creating our proprietary flavor. We use a proprietary blend of peanuts in every peanut butter product. Now that is revolutionary! We make only very controlled SMALL BATCHES to ensure unmatched safety and detail. No aspect of our manufacturing is outsourced, and we are proud to grind, fill, cap, seal, label and ship everything from our plant in Morrisville VT! All of our flavored peanut butter have added whey protein and some have CHOCOLATE, some have Vermont MAPLE SYRUP, some have cranberries, FLAX, and honey. We even have the very best creamy and mega chunky peanut butter in the business.

This is an unbeatable food source for NUTRITION, and fun for your FAMILY or for any ATHLETE. Our ingredients are simple to read, good for your body, yummy on the palate and settling to your soul. Never hydrogenation, never palm oils, never preservatives, and never excess salt or sugar! We hope you enjoy every sandwich, snack and even spoonful of our peanut butter and almond butter. We sincerely APPRECIATE your SUPPORT. Be healthy, be active and eat our peanut butter! Nobody is more delicious or better for you.