Frequently Asked Questions

Do I refrigerate?
Refrigeration is optional, although it may preserve freshness.. The shelf life of the flavored pb is 5 months, the almond varieties are about 3-4 months and the plain are good for one year.  Refrigeration helps preserve freshness and taste after thirty days from opening, and can extend shelf life.  We do not use preservatives.

Why is the oil on top?
Oil separation is natural.  Nuts have oil and the only way to stop oil from coming away from nuts is through the use of an emulsifier, most of which are un-natural!  That same oil is in ALL pb's, but if you never see it rise, then there are chemicals preventing that. A little stir is all it takes.  Refrigeration or freezing will all but stop separation from happening.   Would you rather stir or eat chemicals?

Where do you get your peanuts from?
Please refer to our Nutrition Page.

Why do we use plastic jars?
Our 16oz. products are all packaged in recycleable BPA FREE plastic jars.   Glass is almost 1lb heavier, which increases shipping costs and requires more gas and oil to transport.  If you practice recycling, the plastic jar is a greener way to go.  Beware of products that do not use sealed foil under the caps or shrink bands around the lids. They can be tampered with, spoil faster and are very unsafe.  Always recycle!

Can I order over the phone if I do not want to use the website?
Yes you can.  We are not able to answer the phones every minute of the day, due to our busy manufacturing, and packing orders.  We do: however, return all missed calls promptly and can take all of your ordering information over the phone.  We do not ever share your information with anyone or any business! 


Can I pick up an order at your warehouse?
We sell our products online and at hundreds of locations around the globe, and growing.  We do allow our retail stores as well as individuals to pick up at our factory store when a pick up is scheduled in advance.  You can also visit our factory store to sample our products, find out more about our company, speak with our staff, check out our partners and purchase any of the jars we have available in addition to a selection of VTPB gear.  Please call us during our business hours, Monday through Friday, 9am-4pm EST, to find out when our factory store is open.


Will you ever sell smaller or larger size jars?
We have 2oz. jars for wedding gifts, corporate gifts, sample packs and gift packs.  We have a minimum order size so please contact us for more information.  We also have bulk containers currently available for commercial use only.  ie: bagel shops, cafe's, deli's etc.


How long do the products last?
All flavored peanut butters have a shelf life of six (6) months from the date of delivery.  

The almond varieties have a shelf life of five (5) months from date of delivery.
Creamy and Chunky have a shelf life of one (1) year from date of delivery.


Where can I find the best by date?
We now print a BEST BY date on the labels of all of our jars.  The first number is our batch number, then month and then year of best by. 

Eg. 45{batch} 06{month} 2014{year}  45 06 2014

If you see jars with no best by code, please bring them to the attention of the store associates.    


All products are made in small batches, with great attention to detail.  By producing small batches and shipping promptly after production, we can maintain quality and freshness.  This way, all stores and individual orders get freshly made and that is one of the many differences in Vermont Made Peanut and Almond Butters.
Our food products are better preserved when stored at cool temperatures.


Don't be fooled....PALM FRUIT OIL is not good for you!   It's loaded with saturated fat.  We do not use it and never will.   It is the newest marketing tool for companies to promote, "NO STIR" nut butter.    Instead of NO STIR, just say NO THANKS.